Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Winds

When?: January 11, 2011
Where?: Date day!
Top: Anthropologie
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Steve Madden (present from my Gran)
Belt: J. Crew (present from my sister-in-law)
Necklaces: Stolen Borrowed from my mother
Watch: Fossil (present from M)

Today M and I both had the day off of work and decided to make a date day out of it. We went to eat at Mighty Fine Burgers, to go get coffee at Anderson's coffee in Austin and we also went to Central Market for groceries and gelato. Yum! Later on we might go see a movie (at the dollar theatre) and perhaps go get Outback Steakhouse from a gift card from my parents for Christmas.

This morning it was COLD outside. It was 32 degrees when we took pictures (and by "we" I mean M and Sister #2.) Let me tell you, I am not used to it being so cold. I haven't experienced a Texas winter before this, and San Diego was pretty mild in the winter. I don't have many cute, heavier type coats, so I decided to just brave the wind and the cold for photos. I love this top. I bought it at Anthro on sale about a year ago.

This is my "Ohmygosh, I'm freezing and my boots are sinking!" face:


  1. CA has been pretty cold this winter... brrrr. But, I still miss TX winters. In TX snow is a bigger possibility :)

  2. It snowed in Dallas area a few days ago but it didn't make it down to us!