Monday, January 24, 2011


Posted by: Ashley

I have a new found fascination with cocktail rings. I've been searching them on Etsy like crazy. Right now there are two designers that I LOVE. If only I could afford to buy a ring or nine right now.

First let me show you some amazingness from Janish Jewels. All of these pictures are from her site:

How amazing are those rings? The first one is a rough diamond. It's amazing. I think that one is my favorite, but I can't decide!

These next rings are from Dreams and Jewelry. Gor-geous.

That last ring is to die for. Seriously. I'm imagining it on my finger right now and it looks great. I love how creative designers are. I wish I had the means to make my own jewelry. Maybe someday I will. Or maybe I'll become wealthy overnight. Who knows. Until then, I will just look and imagine myself in all of this fabulousness!

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  1. I LOVE the darker purple ring in the first set of pics! I am SO into deep purple right now. Such a great color. These rings are AMAZING Ash, thanks for sharing :)