Friday, January 21, 2011

Shorting Up

Posted by: Ashley

Ha! And by shorted I mean shorts. If there is one trend I like right now, it's shorts with tucked in shirts. And I even have started to love shorts with tights. Very crazy considering July 2007 when I was in England and first saw that trend I HATED it. I hoped it would never catch on in the states. My how times have changed.

Here we have Lauren Conrad. I wish I had this outfit. It's amazing. The shirt looks so comfortable and the shorts look so chic!

Anne Hathaway looks incredibly relaxed and comfortable here. I love the grey and the black together. She looks put together, yet not too fussy.

I like the concept of this outfit. It's simple. The shorts are a little too baggy for my taste, but I like the shirt a lot.

Lauren Conrad has some great style. I love the pieces she puts together. This outfit looks great on her. I would especially love if the shirt wasn't quite so shiny though.

Oh Gwyneth. I wish I could take your outfit off of you and put it on right now. So, so fabulous!

And lastly, one more Lauren Conrad picture. Her shirt is so fun!

This is definitely something I'm going to do more of in the future. It's much easier when it's warm, but I'm going to try to pair it with tights while it's cold! 

Sorry for the lack of personal photos today, after work I didn't get dressed. Stay tuned for tomorrow though!

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