Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ashley's 5 Must Haves

Posted by: Ashley

I got dressed today. For real. But then for some reason everything in the world was ticking me off and I refused to take pictures even when M. was really, really trying to get me to and even had the camera out. I suck.

Instead, I'm going to talk about 5 must haves for the late winter/early spring season as a request from one of my friends (Hi! You know who you are!). Here in Texas we're about to turn a new leaf to warmer weather soon, but I know that in many parts of the country, that's not true. Over the next week or so I'll also be talking about "it" colors, and how to wear it with print. I know that can be scary.

So, as I have mentioned, I don't consider myself fashionable, I just have a bit a style. My own style. These are things I love for cooler weather... and I wish I had them all. I already know that writing this post is going to make me really, really want to buy everything. But, I can't. Maybe one of you will buy them and wear them so I can see your creativity though!

Oh, at the end of this post, I'll put together some outfits out of the clothes I chose.

1. Scarves. Any and all... bright, neutral, handmade, store bought and warm. A scarf is great as an accessory as well. It can help dress your outfit up, dress it down, add some color, or help neutralize your outfit. Here are some of my favorites from least to most expensive:

PeopleWeb's Circle Scarf (available in any color) 

There are a ton more choices for scarves out there, these are just a few I love right now. Target has a great selection and so does Etsy... especially if you like supporting handmade goodies.

2. Boots. I'm sure by now you have all seen how much I love boots. I've worn them here, here, here and it definitely won't stop. I love all boots (well, mostly. I'm not an over the knee boot person. All I can think about is the movie Pretty Woman when I see them). Here are some of my favorite boots right now from least to most expensive:

Boots are great for spring as well as winter. Pairing them with a skirt or dress looks great, especially if you wear some high socks underneath them. They also look great over cords and jeans. 

3. Cardigans. You can wear them under jackets, and yet when you take off your jacket, still look refined. You can take them off if you're warm, put them on if you're cold... and they don't mess up your hair or makeup. Like scarves, they are a great accessory. Try a printed cardigan over a solid color shirt or a solid cardigan over a printed shirt. Here are my favorites, from least to most expensive:

I love cardigans. 

4. A Versatile Dress. Not only one you can dress up and down, but also one you can wear in warm or cool weather. Not all prints work for cold weather, so for these dresses, a neutral color is always nice as a starter, but not always a necessity. That way you can pair it with colorful (or not) accessories. From lowest to highest in price:

5. Belts. I wear belts often. There are a couple reasons for this. It narrows my waist. I can wear things (like the Anthropologie dress above) with a belt and not look like a balloon, and I can wear it over something bulky to bring it in a little. In winter, with so many layers on, who doesn't want to show that their waist IS in fact there? From least to most expensive:

Oh, belts. I love you.

So there you have it. My 5 must haves. Now, I'm going to assemble these into some outfits I would wear. This is just a sneak peek of what you can do with these outfits. There are so many amazing things you can put together!

Outfit #1: The print on the dress is an eye catcher, so for the rest of the outfit I toned it down. If it's chilly outside, add some tights and make sure to wear the cardigan. If it's warm, you can keep the dress and belt and switch the boots for wedges, heels or even sandals. 

Outfit #2: I love the rainboots in this outfit. I think they are bright, fun and a nice addition to the denim - especially since it isn't jeans. Again, for cooler weather, add some tights and a trench coat (black, maybe?) and if it's warm, swap the boots for sandals and wear the scarf a different way so it stays off your neck.

Outfit #3: I adore this outfit. I love the print of the cardigan with the navy dress (which is VERY versatile) and the colored boot. As I keep saying, tights are adorable in cooler weather, if you're super cold, you can even try wearing two pairs of them!

Please email me at whattwowilldo@gmail.com or leave a comment if you have any questions/comments!

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  1. My favorite is the outfit with the denim Old Navy dress! I was just looking at buying that dress today!! Also, I am not sure if you have ever checked 6pm.com- it's a great website for name brand clothing, accessories and shoes.