Sunday, January 30, 2011

Belted Glory

Posted by: Ashley

When?: January 30, 2011
Where?: Church
Top: Anthropologie
Belt: Anthropologie
Jacket: Hollister
Skirt: Banana Republic
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Borrowed from Gran
Earrings: Anthropologie

Another new week. They go by so fast these days. I can't believe that Tuesday is already February! This morning Matt and I went to church... and nothing else. We were both so hungry that we just came home and scarfed down food and now here I am. I wish I had the rest of the day off, but in an hour I'm off to work. Oh boy!

I've never worn this outfit together before. The shirt I've had for over five years. New Years Eve 2005 I conned my dad into buying it and the belt for me and this skirt I haven't worn since I was teaching. I wanted to try to utilize it in my daily activities since I like it and I think it was fairly successful. I think I might put it in part of my 30 for 30 choices since I want to try wearing it more often. Speaking of, I will be posting what items I am choosing for 30 for 30 soon, I work until 9 tonight and then 10 hours tomorrow, so it might not be until the first day of the challenge starting (Tuesday.) Okay - back to the outfit. I was going to wear heels with it, but then decided that my boots were warmer. I'm glad I wore them, because it was a tad chilly today at church.

Matt (I'm sick of calling him M. since I type out Matt every time anyway) has gotten into the habit of taking pictures while we are walking, here is one of today's results - me smiling yet looking like I have zero idea what I'm doing. Which is actually kind of true most of the time:

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  1. Love this combo!! I just bought a bunch of skirts this weekend that I can wear to work and during the weekends and I got two thick belts like yours too! I really like pairing the skirt with the belt- looks really good!