Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Day to Play... and Work

Posted by: Ashley

When?: January 13, 2011
Where?: A bit of shopping (love you, M!)
Top: Gift from Sister #2
Jeans: GAP
Scarf: GAP
Earrings: Anthropologie
Watch: Fossil
Boots: Steve Madden
Jacket: Roxy (Gift from friend)

This morning I took the opportunity to go buy a few staples that I've been missing in my wardrobe. This is by no means the most fashionable outfit I've ever worn, but when it's (literally) freezing outside, comfort and warmth trump wearing something super cute for me when I'm walking around an outside mall. I love the simplicity of the outfit though, even though there isn't much color to it. When I go shopping, I usually try to be avoided by salespeople and be comfortable, so this was perfect. By the way, go shopping on a Thursday morning when it's cold outside, the mall will be empty and it will be glorious.

Sister #2 took pictures of this morning, and I was freeeeezing. You can tell because by the last pictures, I had put on my jacket. I love the color of the jacket and I'm pretty sure it's the warmest jacket I own. I think that's mostly why I chose it. That and I have fond memories of this jacket seeing as how it kept me warm while walking 8 miles a day in the rain while in Oxford. Anyway...

My outfit was short lived seeing as how I'm sitting in work clothes now getting ready to head to work. Tomorrow though I get to wear clothes ALL day. You have no idea how exciting that is! Be prepared for more outfit posts tomorrow, Saturday (hopefully) and Sunday. 

I'll leave you with two pictures that I will probably regret putting up later. They were both so ridiculous that I couldn't choose between them. Oh boy.

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