Monday, January 17, 2011

All That Glitters is Gold(en)

Posted by: Ashley

Well, the good news is I made it through my 9.5 hour morning shift. The bad news is, I don't have an outfit post for today. However, before I start doing the loads of laundry, tons of cleaning and just a little bit of watching TV, I wanted to look at some of the dresses from last nights Golden Globes. There were a lot of gorgeous dresses and a lot of not so gorgeous dresses (though I do like Sandra Bullock's dress.)

Here are my top 6 dresses from the Golden Globes:

6. Lea Michele - I love the pink of this dress. It's sweet. Like bubblegum. I also like the ruffles. I think it works because of her minimalist makeup and lack of competing jewelry. However, I do think Lea is looking like she's on the verge of being unhealthy. I thought she was adorable in the beginning episodes of Glee when she had a bit more meat on her.

5. Scarlett Johannson: While her dress isn't the brightest color or the most daring, I love the vintage elegance and the soft color of the dress. Not just anyone could pull off those sleeves, but Scarlett can. I also like that she isn't showing off the girls too much, unlike another Golden Globe red carpet walker

4. Eva Longoria: This is a lovely dress. Not the most exciting dress, but lovely. It looks great on her figure and  I love the neckline. I think this dress would have been amazing in a plum color, but seeing as how emerald  was the color of the evening and there were no plum dresses out there (not that I saw anyway) I guess it's last years color. 

3. Dianna Argon: I love her. I think she is one of the most beautiful girls. This dress is simple and a soft color (like Scarlett's) but I love the simplicity of it. The straight neckline looks fantastic on her, and the necklace pulls the dress together. Her hair is simple, yet elegant. I think she looks like an angel.

2. Mandy Moore: This color is to die for. And one shoulder necklines are so adorable. I love that this dress features tulle in a great way. The sweetheart neckline under the tulle is a great look for Mandy and I love her non-invasive jewelry. I just like her, I guess.

1. Mila Kunis: Despite the fact that she spent $7,000 on a facial which really appalls me, Mila looks gorgeous. The green, the neckline, the hair, the detail... it's fabulous. Mila continues the trend of simple jewelry, which I like. As much as I love chunky jewelry, I love the soft looks with gowns. Anyway, I believe Mila looks 1000x better than her Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman. I know she is pregnant, but a huge rose on your dress? Really?

Well, there are my picks for the 2011 Golden Globes. Do you agree or disagree?

*All pictures taken from MSN Wonderwall

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