Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blazing Stripes

Posted by: Ashley

When?: January 29, 2011
Where?: Farmers Market
Top: GAP
Blazer: Macy's
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Zigi Soho via DSW
Necklace: Borrowed from Gran
Watch: Fossil

Get the title? Blazing = Blazer? I know, I know you don't have to say it, I'm so clever. Ha.

This morning Matt and I went to the Farmers Market and failed to get anything besides a chicken mole tamale that we ate there and an iced tea for me. Win! After that, I went and returned some whatnot at GAP before heading to Sprouts to go buy food to make Pad Thai (that M. is making right now, thanksloveyou!) and some oils so that I can make my own facial serum seeing as how the Burt's Bees facial serum was $18. So if I start breaking out in the next coming weeks, you know it's because I butchered the facial serum and need to adjust how much of what I put in there. If anyone is curious though, the oils I bought were jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil.

It was pretty windy while taking pictures, but we worked with it. I bought this shirt online and then accidentally had it shipped to my in-laws house, so I didn't see if for a few weeks. I'm starting to love these boots and M. likes them because they don't have a heel. Win/win for both of us. I bought this blazer at Macy's with a gift card that Gran got me for Christmas. I love gift cards. Overall, the outfit is pretty simple, but I liked the way it looked together. I say looked because as soon as I got home the boots and jeans came off and were replaced with things far more comfortable for blogging and watching my husband cook.

And now...

Insert caption here

I'm flying!

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