Saturday, January 15, 2011

What They Wore: Ashley's Bridesmaids

Posted by: Ashley

So this morning M. and I went to work, came home and then decided we don't want to leave again. Instead we are going to take advantage of the cold, rainy day and stay in, bake bread and make some soup. Well, M's going to do that, I'm just going to be a cheerleader and taste tester.

On days that I work and don't put on real clothes, I'm going to use some fillers. But don't fret! I promise that tomorrow I will put up  an outfit post. Over the next few weeks some of the filler posts I'll be putting up will be from my wedding. I loved the outfits everyone wore and can't wait to highlight them.

Today, I'm going to highlight the dresses my bridesmaids wore. When I was trying to decide on dresses, I knew that I wanted different dresses (for my lovely girls different shapes) and different colors (because one color does not always work on everyone!) We ordered the dresses from Anna Elyse. I worked directly with their Pasadena office and could not have been happier with the support.

We ended up choosing the Clarissa Line from Anna Elyse's Silhouettes collection because they matched my dress very well and because of the wide range of options. One of the awesome features about their website is you can choose different dresses in different colors to see how they look together!

Sister-in-law M, Sister #2, Smash, Me, Sister #3, Sister #1 and S.

We used three different colors and three different styles. There was a tank, v-neck and sweetheart strapless. The colors were Tea Rose, Greyed Lavender and Rosy Beige. Because I knew how the girls were standing, I chose the colors (based on what would look good on who). It went: Tea Rose, Rosy Beige, Greyed Lavender, Rosy Beige, Tea Rose, Greyed Lavender. The styles were based on who was comfortable with what and who looked good in what. Sister #1 and #3 look great in strapless, easy. Smash isn't a fan of strapless and looks great in tanks, also easy. In the end, I think hope everyone was happy with what they wore!

I had clutches made for the girls in their matching dress colors. I even had their initials stitched in them. 

Look at their bouquet holding skills!


They all look so lovely!

The girls all chose their own shoes, I just asked that they would wear grey ones. We had flats, pumps, peep-toes and SIL M. even changed into sandals after the ceremony!

Thanks for being a part of M's and my day, ladies!

All photos by the very talented Roger and Lyndzee of EP Love.

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