Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little Bit Country

Posted By: Ashley

**Warning: Picture Heavy**

Not quite sure what I'm looking at, but at least it gives a view of the entire outfit:

M.'s artistic photo:

When?: January 27, 2011
Where?: Food and errands
Top: GAP
Skirt: GAP
Belt: Anthropologie
Jacket: Hollister
Boots: Steve Madden

I feel very country-ish in this outfit. This outfit was inspired by the song "Country Strong" seeing as I heard it on the way back from the gym. Which reminds me, why is that song being played on country radio? It's from a movie... and while Gwyneth Paltrow sounds good, she's not a country singer. Oh well. Anyway, after the gym, I decided that I was hungry, but because I didn't want to clean the kitchen (seeing as how I just cleaned it very well this morning) I went and got a burger at Mighty Fine. It was delicious. Then I came back, watched some John Adams and went to go run some errands with Matt. Now, here I am, writing to my mother and whoever else reads this blog.

So this shirt I've had for ages. I bought it about a year and a half ago before I started teaching. This skirt I got pretty cheaply at GAP and the jacket I've had for roughly 6 years... that would be why it's from Hollister. I bought it back in the days where I thought Hollister was awesome. Back before life after college and before I realized their clothes were cheaply made, not made for my body type and way too expensive in general.

So as usual, here are some not so refined photos:

I'm not a former cheerleader or anything...:

Insert team spirit comment here

M.'s favorite:

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