Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Katie Holmes for Ann Taylor

Posted by: Ashley

I think Katie Holmes is gorgeous. I always have. Her hair is always great, her makeup is beautiful and the clothes she wears are downright awesome. So when I read on the Ann Taylor Blog this morning that Katie Holmes is their new face for Spring 2011, I got very excited. Even the picture on the blog of her makes me smile. She's not smiling, but I get giddy when looking at great clothes and beautiful hair and makeup.

I can't wait to see her in more ad campaigns and then maybe (if I can talk M. into it) go try on some clothes there... maybe, baby?

Let's take a look back and some of my favorite Katie outfits, shall we? I think she looks so effortless and chic all (well, most) of the time.

The shirtdress, the belt, the effortlessness... I love it:

Style Frizz calls this scarf questionable, but I personally like it. Again, effortless. Especially paired with the grey blazer and skinny jeans:

I'm loving the shorts with tights look. I might try it out this weekend, we'll see!:

I need a job where I can dress like this (and pays me enough to do so):

I hope I'm this stylish as a mother (on about .0001% of her budget):

I'm pretty sure that if Katie and Ann were a celebrity couple their name would be Kann. Therefore, I "Kann't" wait to see the collaboration!

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  1. I love Ann Taylor & Katie Holmes too! I'm really excited about this :)
    P.S. LOVE "Kann't wait" haha