Monday, January 24, 2011

What They Wore: M. and his Groomsmen

Posted by: Ashley

Oh, the boys. They looked so handsome on our wedding day.  Especially this guy right here, what a stud:

We chose the color grey for the guy's suits for a couple of reasons. The first was, we knew we did not want them to wear tuxedos. First, our wedding was in the late afternoon, and was outside. Second, with our colors, black would not look as good as grey, and third, how good does M. look in grey?:

I lucked out with him, right? 

We bought the suits at J.C. Penney's, I think total they were around $130. We also bought the ties at Penney's. M.'s was a solid pink with stripes, whereas the groomsmen's ties had the different colors of the bridesmaids dresses. MIL K and I really lucked out in finding them!

M.'s groomsmen consisted of his two brothers and four friends. His older brother was married in June 2009, and his younger brother was married this past September in Seattle. M.'s best man and two of his groomsmen he has known since high school, and the other groomsmen was one of his roommates in college.

GM Josh, Brother Mark, M., Brother Mike, Best Man AJ, GM Lee and GM Stan

The guys all looked great. I know that at first they were thinking a suit was going to be over the top expensive to buy, but with the deal we got at Penney's and M. and me buying their shirts and ties, the guys got their suits at the cost of a tux rental!

One last look at my handsome groom:

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  1. I agree! We married into a family with some good looking guys :)

    I love loved the grey suits on them! They all looked so good. And it seriously went so well with your color scheme of the entire wedding.