Friday, January 14, 2011

A Grey and Lazy Day

Posted by: Ashley

When?: January 14, 2011
Where?: Dinner with friends
Top: Taken from Gran's closet (Thanks, Gran!)
Skirt: Anthropologie (Gift from M. on our engagement day)
Tights: GAP
Boots: Steve Madden
Jacket: Anthropologie (Gift from MIL)
Necklace: Taken from Gran's jewelry (Thanks, again!)

Today was a lazy, lazy day. I didn't work, so I rolled out of bed at 10:30am, threw a load of clothes in the washer (that have yet to be folded), did some dishes, and then bummed around while M. was at work. Glorious. That's also why this posting is later in the day... because after I showered, I got right back into pajamas and snuggled up. 

Tonight we're going to dinner with a guy I worked with and his girlfriend. We're checking out this co-op brew place. I'm excited. Beer + Food = Awesome. When M. and I went out to go take pictures, we realized it was sprinkling... and cold. So instead of our plan to go drive a minute to the woods, we decided the driveway was as good a place as any. Also, we're still working on getting the hang on having pictures taken of you / taking the pictures, so please bear with us while we get in the groove of thangs. Yes, I just typed the word "thang."

I love this skirt. Probably because of the fond memories of becoming engaged and immediately going shopping. I love shopping. The top I took from Gran's closet. I love the way it feels. It's nice. Although it doesn't photograph very well, which is a bummer. Or we're just camera illiterate. One or the other. I know I just wore these boots, but they are so comfortable it's ridiculous. The necklace I also took from Gran's room. I think I might just keep it, because she wears the same jewelry every day. She probably doesn't even remember she owns it. Oh, Gran.

I'll leave you with one more picture. This funny face/pose thing is becoming a habit. I hope you enjoy it as much as M. does!

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