Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Projects: Guest Bathroom

Sorry for the break last week, I came down with some type of sinus something or other and it took me out for a few days. But, I feel better so all is well.

Today I wanted to talk about a weekend project that doesn't have to break the bank or take too much time (well, it took me a good portion of the weekend, but that's because I was doing it myself.)

For those of you who don't know, our house was beige. Beige everywhere. Floors, ceilings, walls, everything. We've done a lot downstairs, but as of yet haven't touched upstairs much. Back in Mapril (March or April, I can't remember) I tackled painting the upstairs bathroom. Here are some before pictures for you:

Broken shower clip...

iPad for some jams!

Oh hey, Ashley in the window!

Kind of... blah. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't fantastic. I was searching Pinterest one day and BAM. I saw this photo:

It totally has the same shape of my bathroom. I already love the color mint, and this made me more excited to paint the bathroom. I found this blog post with the color Beryl by Martha Stewart and fell in love. I grabbed more Ceiling White by Behr for the ceiling and went to town on the bathroom. 

We have a long way to go, but we did get a new lighting fixture up! Hooray!

Right now I'm about 10% complete with this bathroom as my list of things to do to this bathroom  still include:

Painting the cabinets white
Towel Rack
Bath mat
New faucet

I'm excited because I think mint is such a versatile color to work with. Some color combinations I'm imagining in here are mint + navy, mint + emerald, mint + grey, mint + coral, mint + rose... the list can go on and on!

Have you done any weekend projects that involve transforming a room lately?

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  1. looks great so far....mint is such a pretty soft color...can't wait to see the finished room....