Monday, May 6, 2013

The Blind Side

Today we are talking about The Blind Side. Not the movie, but the blinds in my house. 

Until recently, every. single. blind. in the house was from when the house was built. Which is fine - except they are the cheap, thin slat, attracts every piece of dust you can imagine, difficult to clean blinds. Blinds that Astro would love to push around with his nose and make loud noises. 

Our old blinds

Last week I decided that we had to change our blinds and we had to change them right then. Something you may not know about me is when I decide I want to do it - I want to do it right that second. It drives Matt crazy and my grandmother said I got it from her. 

Another shot of our before blinds. Not terrible, but definitely not pretty.

When Matt took down the old blinds (the hardware had never been taken down before) we found the prior paint color - yay beige! So I promptly did some sanding and painting. 

I went with the Mirada blinds in the color Fruitwood from Home Depot - mostly because I could get them in the store and they had the sizes we needed. They aren't the best quality, but until I find something I love be it other bamboo blinds, shutters, etc., then these are great.

They are light filtering, but at night you can see straight through them if your lights are on inside. That's why I only put them in the back of the house right now. Above is our side yard and below are by the back door.

As you can see in the picture above, the blinds in the middle are the same. These are the most destroyed of all the blinds because Astro loves to push them around with his nose to see out. These will eventually be gone as well since we have plans to get a new back door that has a doggy door installed (hooray!)

One last photo of the new blinds. My mugs normally don't stay there, but Astro was outside and I felt like they needed sun. I don't know how to take care of them. I hope they don't die. 

I really like these blinds - my favorite part about them might be that I don't really have to do major dusting on them. Because trying to clean the other blinds is one of the worst tasks in household cleaning. It's right up there with caulking baseboards.

What kind of blinds do you have? What kind would you put in if you could?

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