Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Ashley Edition

This week's Thrifty Thursday is a little different. Today I want to talk about how I choose pieces I buy, and what I do to make sure that it is a "thrifty" purchase - even if it doesn't seem so at first.

I used to purchase clothing carelessly - $100 here, $65 there... back in college it seemed insignificant. These days I have a husband, mortgage, dog and (hopefully) a future retirement to look forward to. Buying clothing for no purpose isn't feasible. So how do I decide what to purchase and what to leave behind? Simple. Before I buy something, I have to have 5 separate outfits that it can be a part of. That's right. 5. So even if I only wear it those 5 times, it cuts the cost way down. For example, say I purchase a $50 top - If I only wear it once, that is an expensive top. If I wear it 5 times, the price of it drops down to $10 and the more I wear it, the less expensive the top becomes. By the time I wear it for the 15th time, the cost of the shirt is $3.33 per wear.

Now, let's put this into action. Last week I bought a blazer from J.C. Penney's on sale for $33.60 - but before I bought it, I had to think of 5 outfits I could put it with. Using items similar (or identical) to what I already own, here are my (first) five outfits:

Does anyone else do the same thing when shopping or am I the only psycho one who feels like I have to justify every purchase? 

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