Friday, May 10, 2013

InstaFriday: #5

I'm linking up with Courtney at Joyful Joyful and Kristin from Buttons and Pockets, who link up with Jeannett atLife Rearranged for my 5th InstaFriday.

This week was pretty busy as shown by the vast number of pictures I have here today.

I don't know how this happens, but every time I cover for my coworker, this is what his desk looks like underneath. This time there were Mardi Gras beads, Expo markers, a knife, highlighters, speakers, pens, a bottle top and more.

Shawna tagged me in a #widn (what I'm doing now) post on Instagram, so I played. I wasn't doing much, just working  bit. Check out my organization skills.

Astro is a hairy, hairy beast. I brush him (almost) daily. This is what I got Friday night. Seriously? How?!

I started reminiscing Friday night. I was looking for a hat, but came across old notes/letters. The below is from my sister Bailey. She used to love me!

This one is from my brother Zack. He was in 5th grade when he made this for Thanksgiving. If you can't read it, it says, "I'm thankful for my family and my sister Ashley who got here safely from California." I love this kid. I can't believe he's turning 17 this year.

Saturday morning Matt and I ran walked The Color Run. I put together our teams for our office so I guess it was a good thing I was there. The picture below is my "before."

And here is my after. It's not dirt you see on me, it's purple color that was still extremely concentrated. It took little while to take it all off. Lots of scrubbing.

Matt was worse than I was though. Check him out - he's blue. 

While at the Color Run, Matt and I found our friends! They didn't have their phone, but we ended up passing them and then waiting for them at the finish line. Joe is 6'9", so he's easy to spot. We love them. And they get married in 13 days. Hooray!

Saturday night after we got clean, we had a Volunteer Appreciation dinner at church. Before we went, Matt snapped a picture of Astro and me. He actually looks like he loves me here!

They had the cutest cupcakes at the dinner for us. And they were delicious to boot!

Wednesday night I made Caprese salad for dinner. Mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar? Is there anything better? 

Wednesday night I brushed Astro again. Surprise, surprise... the pile was huge. 

Last night I rewarded myself for getting through the day. It was a rough day, we'll leave it at that.

That's it! I'm ready for the weekend and some relaxation! 

Do you have any weekend plans?

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