Friday, March 11, 2011

The Wind Will Blow

Top: Gap, Skirt: Anthropologie, Boots: Zigi Soho, Necklace: Anthropologie, Watch: Fossil

It was windy when these pictures were taken if you can't tell. Beautiful outside, but windy. So windy I didn't even put on lipstick and lipgloss because I didn't feel like having it stick to my lips the entire day. It was a good day though. Matt and I went to GAP, went to et at Waterloo Icehouse, got a little fro-yo, went to HEB and now he's at work and I'm getting ready to head on over to the Texas Style Council with Mallary from The Unique Closet. While my heart is joyful in that sense, it breaks for the people of Japan and for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami. I will continue praying for strength, hope and comfort for those related to the event in some way.

I like this outfit and someone besides Matt told me I was "really pretty" today, so I think it might be a keeper. I love this skirt to pieces, but I need to go get it altered because it's too big and sits too low on my waist. Someday I will do that. Maybe I'll learn to sew and do it myself. Maybe. By the way... one more outfit to go. HOORAY! Best thing ever. The rest of my closet looks lonely.

My awkward face but funny photo for the day:

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