Saturday, March 19, 2011

Plaid is Rad

Too bright (and I have a pet friend in this picture):

Shirt: Gap (men's), Shorts: Target, Necklace: Present, Watch: Fossil, Wedges: Kelly & Katie

I'm back! After two days, I finally was able to put on real clothing. I worked 11 hours yesterday, and quite a few the day before and my clothing for both days went like this: pajamas, work uniform, pajamas. Today was a nice change.

It's a gorgeous day today. I was glad I was able to run around and get some things done since we only have until Thursday before we move! Hip, hip hooray! Yesterday morning we were able to go see our apartment which made us that much more excited. If I'm a little absent this week, you know it's because I'm trying to last minute pack, move, and get the apartment together. What that DOES mean though is that I get to post some DIY crafts and take pictures of the apartment. Very exciting. 

My outfit today. Well, this is a guy's shirt I bought at Gap and I love it. I can't wait to style it other ways. And my shoes! I hope you like them because I just bought them and they are super comfortable. That means I will be wearing them often. Finally a pair of wedges I love. Life is good.

Hope everyone enjoys their day and that they are as lovely (though less windy) than it is here. Make sure to look at the moon tonight since it will be the biggest it has been in 18 years. I'm off to take a nap (shhh, don't tell anyone!)

Proof it was windy:

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