Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey all, it's Ashley. I have some questions to ask you all and would GREATLY appreciate it if you would comment on your opinion/thoughts/answers.

1. Do you like more outfit posts, or would you like to see more fashion posts?
2. Is it helpful when I have posts where I merge together outfit pieces from different stores that I consider successful outfits?
3. I will be doing a lot of craft related things over the next few weeks while moving. Would you like to see craft related/DIY posts?
4. Would you like to see creativity in a form other than clothing? For example food/baking, home decor, design and different room themes? An example of themes are modern, traditional, rustic, etc.
5. If you DO want to see design related posts, would showing affordable pieces that can change a room be something you wanted to see?
6. If you DO want to see food/baking related posts, do you want recipes and pictures showing what I made?
6. Is there anything else you'd want me to do/not do on the blog?

I know it's a lot of questions, but answering them would really help me shape What Two Will Do. Thanks in advance!

An example of what type of baking things I would blog about (I made these a while back):


  1. I love it when you merge outfits together from different stores....
    and I think DIY projects would be a success!

  2. I really like outfit posts as opposed to fashion posts because I like to see how it looks on a real person, not just a model. And I like to see how you put different pieces together. I would also LOVE to see some of your DIY projects! Especially affordable and creative ways to decorate a room.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Jackie, you will see allll about our apartment and the costs of everything :)