Monday, March 14, 2011

Imagination vs. Reality

Sometimes I don't get dressed. I go to work (in uniform) come home and never quite make it into real clothes. Right now there are relatives here so I'm half visiting, half packing... but I'm secretly dreaming of Matt and I being downtown at SXSW walking around and taking in the sights. In my mind, I'm wearing the following gorgeous outfit, all found on Anthropologie:

Nevermind that I can't afford any of the articles in the picture (a $200 cuff anyone?), but I love them. It's a perfect Ashley outfit.

Instead, I'm a little (okay, a lot) less Anthropologie and a little more... hobo-ish:

Alright, I WISH I looked that good right now. Imagine pink striped pajama pants, a dark purple tee and non supermodel hair. More dirty, messy bun hair. Example:

There you have it. Yes, I know... there is only one word to describe me right now. Winning. 


  1. My dear, TRUST ME I totally have those days!

  2. Girl, believe me! You're not the only one hanging out in jamies the whole day! x