Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Shirt: GAP, Skirt: GAP, Necklace: Custom, Sandals: O'Neill

I'm getting a second job. Take that Sallie Mae, I'll get you paid off in no time! It has to do with tots. I'll tell you more later, don't worry. Though I just realized that that means I'll get dressed even less than I do now. Hmmm. Anyone want to start being a guest blogger? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Today I went to Buffalo Exchange where they chopped the 80 something dollars they'll sell my clothes for (even though I know I paid more than $50 for at least one shirt) into $28.80 cash. Lame. They didn't want all of my clothes (ah hem, Gap. Stop putting dates in your clothing!) so I'm going to try taking some to Plato's Closet sometime soon. From there, the day got just slightly more interesting. We went to my future work place and I observed for a bit, then, as she was leaving, Bailey backed into a car at the same time that I had an impromptu interview. Don't worry, she's okay! Post interview, Matt and I went to the gym and did legs. I'm hurting. I'm now here, sitting on the couch and Matt's in the room playing some game. Huh. Maybe that's not more interesting... at all.

I scream "GAP" today, which is funny because in Buffalo Exchange the employee's outfits scream, "I'M HIPSTER AND AM SO MUCH COOLER THAN YOU." Pfft. Though I do have to say being down by the UT campus made me kinda wish I went to a big university (other than the fact that I wouldn't have met Matt. Though I could have met another husband... jk, jk, people!) because of how freaking awesome it is to have so many stores so close to you, and people walking around that you don't know and actually having a reason to bike around campus. So cool.

As I sit here typing, I just realized I should shower... but I now have a problem. That problem is the glass of wine sitting in front of me that's saying, "No, don't shower! Drink me! Drink me nowwwww." What to do?! Okay, wine, you win. Because when I don't drink wine, I try to climb trees and trust me, no one wants to see that happen:

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  1. The Bueller reference is always funny! I too went to a small college (about 500 undergrads... yipes!) I love the perfect simplicity of this summery look.