Sunday, April 10, 2011

Snow White

Dress: Ann Taylor, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: Anthropologie

I'm pretty sure people with my color skin are perfect candidates to play Snow White at Disneyland and Disney World. Too bad I'm not shorter, skinnier and just more petite all around. I'd be perfect. (By the way, Mother... I know I'm fair skinned. You don't have to point it out again. Love you!) Today Matt and I went to church, then came home, blanched some asparagus, and we ate some pork loin, asparagus and potatoes while drinking a beer. Perfection. I'm so glad my husband cooks. Next up on my list I'm going to go do some laundry, hit Gap and maybe go to Target. We'll see how much gets accomplished.

I bought this dress before Thanksgiving, and have only worn it a couple of times. The cut is very flattering and I love the color. I decided to keep it pretty simple for church, and love the necklace paired with it. While I liked it for church... I'm now in a white t-shirt and some khaki shorts. Hooray for comfort!


  1. My dear you are not alone. I am so white I am translucent. I once had a lady(who I did not know that well, mind you) tell me if she was as white as I was there was no way she'd be wearing shorts. I was at the time, in fact, wearing shorts. You have to embrace it and remind yourself that when the tan bronzed beauties reach middle age and begin to crack from all that sunning we will still be pretty wrinkle free due to the excessive sunscreen and hding from the sun with all those pretty hats.
    You look beautiful!

  2. Look at you rocking the wrap dress. You were MADE for this cut of dress. So flattering! I have the similar white in Texas look, we are so starting a pale-legs trend together.

  3. In my family, we actually call my sister Snow White, not only because of her albino complexion, but also because of her jet black hair and berry lips. She kind of enjoys it! Speaking of enjoyment, that is one fine dress.