Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goodbye Summery Winter...

Posted by: Ashley

When?: February 1, 2010
Where?: Going to meet a friend
Top: Gran's closet
Pants: NY&Co.
Belt: J. Crew
Scarf: GAP
Boots: Steve Madden

It is COLD. Cold and WINDY. The past few days have been ridiculously nice here, so I knew our time was coming. Apparently there is even a chance of snow on Thursday night. That would be awesome. Anyway, today I am going to meet my friend who is getting married in November, and we're going to meet with a florist and do some other wedding whatnot. I love weddings. Matt is laying in bed with a 102 degree temperature so I've been trying to take care of him today as well.

To the outfit... day 1 of 30. YES! I'm excited. Hopefully I can do it and make somewhat decent outfits out of the items I picked. Today I chose something that I could stay warm in since it's 20 something degrees outside. I like the black paired with the red, and threw the grey on for some other neutral color. I was going to wear heels, but then decided that boots were much more comfortable. Tomorrow it will be cold again, so I have to figure out an outfit for that. Stay warm, friends!


  1. This is beautiful! I love the bright color and the fabulous drape of that top. I'm a remixer too and look forward to your 30. I have a link up every Wednesday for everyone who wears jewelry with an outfit.

  2. such a beautiful top! i'm loving the red paired with the grey especially. i busted out red today as well. something in the windy air, i guess. :) you look awesome.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (fellow remixer!)

  3. pretty much rocks. you're so pretty and scarves are great fun. there you go girl, the truth;)

  4. I love that blouse. It's so bright and pretty! And those boots are giving me serious shoe envy.

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  5. thanks for stopping by! can i just say that i loooove this outfit? as a native of columbus, ohio, i have an affinity for scarlet and gray. but seriously, red is a great color on you!