Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why I Remix

Posted by: Ashley

I love to shop and it gets me in trouble pretty often. I love the 30 for 30 challenge and will hopefully learn to love remixing what I have in my closet even more than I do now. There are times that I wish my wardrobe was as large as say, Rachel Bilson's, and there are times I wish my clothes were as expensive as Blake Lively's... but, I'm not Rachel Bilson or Blake Lively, and I have to work with what I've got.

Over the years, there are many things I have only worn once or twice. Most of those being dresses. For example... my wedding dress.

Just kidding. That one I'm only supposed to wear once. Here are some dresses that I SHOULD wear more than a time or two (feel free to laugh at the old pictures. I look ridiculous):

Orange Anthropologie Dress. Worn to my college graduation in May 2007 and Matt's brother's rehearsal dinner in June 2009.

Copper color dress from Macy's. Worn once to my cousin's wedding in January 2008 and Matt's brother's wedding in June 2009 (not pictured).

Anthropologie Dress. Worn to a friend's wedding in September 2008 and another wedding in June 2009.

Dress from Nordstrom. Worn once for a wedding in September 2009 and an Intuit Holiday Party in December 2009.

Does anyone else notice a drastic change in how I look from the first photo to the last? I find it crazy! Anyway, I have many more dresses/shirts/skirts like this. I want to break the cycle.

Here are the reasons I remix:

1. I am a newlywed. This means I am poor.
2. I am a newlywed who did not find a teaching job this year. This means I am doubly poor.
3. I want to learn how to look at the clothes in my closet like I look at the clothes in the store - this means I want to imagine anything is possible with them.
4. It's fun.
5. I want to become more fearless with how I dress - remixing helps me do that.
6. It's a challenge and I like challenges.

My reasons aren't very complex, but they work for me. I challenge you to go through your closet and look at it like it's your favorite store. Look for inspiration of what you like online and emulate it with your own clothes. I have faith in you!

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