Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Posted by: Ashley

Well, I still have the plague, even after sleeping roughly 14 hours off and on last night. I went into work this morning and then was sent home pretty shortly after due to my contagiousness. Matt is now at the grocery store and I'm laying here propped up on some pillows so I can breath.

While I'm stuck in bed, I thought I would talk about something near and dear to my heart - weddings. I had heard rumors of Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie coming out with a wedding collection long ago, yet know it wouldn't be out in time for our wedding. But now... it's about the be unveiled. While searching online, I saw a few sneak peeks of the line and ohemgee how I wish it had been out in time for our wedding! Let's look at some of the dresses that have been released so far:

The dress I would have chosen for my wedding (out of the released ones so far):


All of the dresses in this collection have so much detail and are so beautiful! Though I wouldn't expect anything less from Anthropologie. I can't wait to start seeing brides wear these dresses and I can't see what the bridesmaids dresses look like on the 14th!

*Pictures taken from Huffington Post and Glamour 

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  1. Ash, you got jacked.... however, I, will be able to take full advantage of this.. yes!! :)