Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Of Jewels and Metal

Posted by: Ashley

I love jewelry. There's no doubt about it. I can't afford to buy a lot of jewelry. There's no doubt about that either. So, in honor of my love for it, I'm dedicating this post to all the lovely jewelry out there. Here are some of my current favorites.

Let's start with a lovely bracelet from Banana Republic. I love it because of it's simplicity, yet it still has that added element of interest with it's color:

Earrings. I love them. I don't have many unfortunately, but someday that will (hopefully) change. Here are a few that I love right now.

LOVE these last ones. They are so adorable!:

Necklaces. The way to my heart. I love bold necklaces so luckily they are in style right here. Check out these glorious things!

Lovely necklace, too expensive though!:

And one ring to round out this post:

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy! I love them. Not as much as I love... say Matt, but I still love them.

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  1. oo la la! Love your pics. Especially those pink & sea foam earrings, the Anthro ring, and the Banana Republic necklace. Oh, who are we kidding-I love them all!