Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Summer Totes

There's something about summer that makes women move from purses to totes. How fun of a word is that? Tote. To tote around my stuff. I tote-ally loves totes. Okay, I'm done.

But really, who doesn't love a bright, summery and best of all cheap tote? Here are some of my favorite affordable tote bags:

Roxy Dream of You: $29.99 what? Look at this tote. It has stripes, faux leather and a strap long enough to put over your shoulder. 'Nuff said.

Forever 21 Contrast Denim Tote: $29.80. Winner, winner chicken dinner! This also comes in turquoise. Great structure and great color, while it doesn't come with a shoulder strap, it is reasonably enough priced to use it and abuse it for the summer and donate it before Fall begins!

Zara Everyday Shopper: $39.90 - I must say, I kind of love this bag. handles AND a cross body/shoulder strap? Can't get much better than that! The color is gorgeous and the zipper on the outside makes for easy key/cell phone storage. This bag is pretty. And hot. Together that makes pretty hot.

Kate Landry Striped Chain Tote: $41.30 - What a great tote. Handles that are long enough to sling over your shoulder, a green that can act as a neutral and chains. I like it. The price isn't bad either - but get it now before it sells out!

Roxy Getaway Tote: $32.99 - This is a fun, bright tote. It even has a pouch on the outside to hold your flip flops/sunscreen/etc. How awesome! It could easily fit a beach towel and any accessories you would need to lay in the sand for a bit.

Which tote is your favorite? Do you buy a summer bag every year?

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