Friday, April 19, 2013

InstaFriday: #2

I'm linking up with Courtney at Joyful Joyful and Kristin from Buttons and Pockets, who link up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged for my 2nd InstaFriday.

This week has been crazy - and busy. A crazy, busy week. But fun too. Which is always good.

I finally figured out the perfect way to make cookies with our oven. It took ten months, but now that I know, I think my cookie baking skills will go up exponentially. Looking at these cookies makes me want them - again. I made the first batch for Matt's birthday last Thursday, but then had dough in the fridge that I baked Friday evening annnnnd then some more I baked Monday. Mmmm, cookies.

Friday night I also made an Ikea trip. As fast as I could which meant speed walking through the maze and carrying boxes in my arms while doing it. Cart schmart. Or rather, a cart would have been smart, but it sounded like too much work at the time. Anyway, I got home and then spent another hour or so putting together this cart which I'm now using in my laundry room and love it. LOVE it. I'm keeping our detergent, softener, etc. on there, so it's great for us and probably wouldn't be so great for people who have kiddos.

Sunday was homemade guacamole and chips night. It started out by me making guacamole and then telling Matt that chips sounded really good over and over until he made me some. SUCCESS!

This is the mug I used Wednesday morning. I got it at Disneyland when I was 14. I ran out of plain white, large mugs and decided that Tinkerbell would be a good

Matt's parents got into town yesterday. It was awesome. We went to Central Market, Salt Lick and hung out. Astro however was dead tired by 11:30pm (I was too!). I was putting dishes away when he did this. I think he was trying to tell me something!

Last but not least, Matt and I just took a picture together before we head out for the day. Love him.

Any weekend plans? I'm sure I'll have LOTS of pictures for next week!

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