Friday, April 12, 2013

InstaFriday: #1

I'm linking up with Courtney at Joyful Joyful and Kristin from Buttons and Pockets, who link up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged for my first InstaFriday. 

This week was a good one. Last weekend Matt and I got some stuff done (finally hung photos - post coming soon), went to a wedding, watched a lot of The Walking Dead and hung out. I also started blogging again (yay!), got a new layout design thanks to Shawna, and had a relatively productive work week. 

I had a root beer float for the first time in ages Saturday night because, why not?

Have you ever tried Kiehl's Whipped Body Butter? If not, you need to try some stat. This stuff is amazing. Matt calls it knuckle butter and I just call it heavenly. It has a light scent and absorbs quickly, yet when you wash your hands in the morning, you can still feel it.

The back of our Toyota Corolla has super dark windows and I decided to take advantage of it while Matt was inside getting the dog. This is my "back to blogging" outfit. 

This is one of the ways we feed Astro. Usually it's in addition to freezing a Kong full of kibble and wet food. He tends to eat his food way too quickly (without chewing) and then he vomits it up. Gross. Below is one of the ways we found to slow him down, even if it's just another 2-3 minutes. 

Wednesday was a rough day at work. I'm in the middle of switching accounts sets (stressful) and am currently taking care of two books of business. What did I do to get over it? I came home and poured myself a beer. 

Yesterday was Matt's birthday. Sometimes this boy eats things that I can't fathom eating. I love his old butt a lot though!

A year ago Sunday I cut my hair, it's come a long way. Here it was a year ago:

And here it is today:

Just a little bit of a difference, no? I can't wait for it to get long again. When I want to cut my hair off in two years, please tell me no.

This weekend we don't have too much planned other than cleaning, I have nursery duty Sunday at church and chilling out a bit.

Have you ever cut your hair and regretted it? What are your weekend plans?

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