Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meet Astro

On October 16th we adopted a puppy named Khalipa. First thing we did? Change his name to Astro. He started off as an 11 pound, 8 week, little butthead who wouldn't sleep at night and he's now a 50 pound, 7.5 month old, big butthead who wakes up before 6am most mornings. Even with all of his short comings we still love him. In fact, we love him enough to take him to the vet and do exploratory surgery after we thought he had something stuck in his intestines and causing him to vomit for days on days (he didn't). He got his stitches out yesterday (I'll spare you the photos) and has been doing much better.

It's the lack of sleeping at night, jumping on people, scaring children, counter surfing, barking at nothing and general annoyingness* that drive us crazy, but snuggling (on his terms), shaking hands, high-fiving and rolling over on command, chasing his tail, giving hugs, and his curiosity (sometimes) is what makes us love the little bugger.

Enjoy an Astro montage of him growing through the months. Really though, how do puppies grow so fast? He used to be so easy to pick up and lug around!

*Is this a word? It says it isn't, but I'm pretty sure it is. At least now it is.

Do you have any pets? If so, do they drive you bonkers?


  1. You have to admit, Astro was a pretty cute puppy. :)

    1. Yes! I love the progression of his ears. Elsie is super adorable too. I can't wait for them to be bffs when you move to Austin ;)

  2. YOU'RE BACK!! Love it....and Astro is adorable at all ages :)