Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bright Lights, Big City

Oh hey... sorry about yesterday. I got caught up at work and then went home and never got a blog post up. Bad me. But, now that company is gone, I should be able to get back to it. 

The other day I was looking at our walls and I realized how yellowish-green the light made them look. What did I do? I decided I needed to go buy new lights right. that. second.. And I convinced Matt to come with me. Hooray! 

We decided to try out natural light - the cheapest we could find. And the verdict? I love them. Let's look at the difference it makes, shall we?

Breakfast area (Before): So you can tell the walls are grey, but they have a bit of yellow/greenish to them. Even the ceiling looks grungy. Ignore the fact that there is a chair missing, Matt was using it by his computer.

Breakfast area (after): Muuuuuch better! For one, we have flowers courtesy of Matt's parents (thanks, MIL!) But really, can you tell the difference? For one, the light isn't so glaring. The walls look grey, the ceiling looks white and the table looks like it's actual color. Man, the flowers REALLY add a lot (take note, husband).

Living Room (before): This one doesn't look quite as bad, but it does look a little green. Also, do you see the look of confusion on Astro's face?

Living Room (after): This room isn't s noticeable (as I mentioned before), but you can see something, no? More grey, less green, no Astro.

Hallway (before): Last but not least we have the hall. This one isn't so green, but it doesn't look like our grey. either. You can see some of our prints I hung a few weeks ago though! I will post about them soon.  

Hallway (after): You can see a difference here. The walls look a bit more crisp and lighter in color. Also, this view is from the other angle if you couldn't tell. The first door on the left is our half bath - I'll do a post on that sooner or later as well.

 Do you like the natural light or the soft yellow more? Do you buy natural light for your own home?

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  1. This is a pretty drastic difference. I'll have to look into this. - Sara Sanchez