Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Shelvolution

The shelves by our TV are ever changing and they will continue to change - especially since they are going to be gone eventually. We have plans for a mounted corner TV - but since that won't be happening for a while, our shelves will be staying around a while.

First, we had what Matt called "sterile" decoration. I liked it. Very simple and structured.

Then there was Christmas.

There's been lots of changes in between, but here's where we are at now (as of Sunday):

Matt says this set up has character. I don't know if other people would say it does, but I know it has lots of history books from college, a hand drawn picture from one of the girls I used to nanny, our wedding cake toppers, Murano glass from Italy, as well as a wooden bust and drawer my parents got in Europe. To me, character is exactly what is has.

Here are the shelves by themselves.

And, last but not least, close up of my favorite items I mentioned above.

Where we'll go from here, I'm not sure. They'll probably stay as is until one Sunday when I decide to rearrange again. I'm hoping sooner rather than later we'll get a new couch, coffee table, media center and get the TV mounted in the corner, but I won't hold my breath!

What does the area around your TV look like? 

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  1. LOVE the way you were able to use more anthro mugs to spell out HOME! (I keep wanting to buy more of the girly ones but need to come up with some significance for some of the other letters i like... some color combos i do not like....)