Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Days Go By...

I can't believe it's been over two months since my last post. TWO MONTHS. Holy cow! However, that is (hopefully) going to change over the next coming weeks. I'm getting back to blogging, y'all. Back to blogging and down to one job again!*

I am so excited! To jump right back into things, let's talk about Fall fashion. Specifically for today: Boots and purses. I love purses. Specifically leather purses. I also love boots. All kinds of boots. Ask Matt, he would confirm this. Today, I'll show you a couple of my favorites and an outfit or two to pair them with.

Boot trends to watch for: Riding boots, metal details and booties.

Steve Madden Frencchh Boots (Which I just bought... kinda. I found these on DSW. Same brand, same boot?)

Purse trends to watch for: Rich colors (browns, mustard, plum, deep red), metal details (especially buckles), streamlined simplicity.

And as promised, here are a couple of fall outfits that would work perfectly with the items pictured above. Remember that things don't have to be copied perfectly, put your own spin on them. Especially to match your budget. Overspending on outfits = FAIL. Finding great deals that you can afford = WIN.

Oh, how sweet it is to be back. See you tomorrow!

*Well, soon. In less than 10 days. You have NO idea how excited I am... unless of course you were one of the unlucky ones who got to hear my complain constantly, then you would know.


  1. LOVE the last outfit! So glad you're blogging again!

  2. Meeee too, Kristin! And I can't wait to respond to the Versatile Blogger tomorrow!