Friday, June 28, 2013

Plans... Big Plans

Hey everyone, sorry I've been absent this week. I've been planning things out, and anyone who knows me, knows that when I plan, I plan big. Why am I planning? Well, while we were soaking up the beauiful weather in sunny San Diego, it was decided that Matt and I would host Christmas. Christmas for the Ambroso's means 11-13 people under one roof which is great! Except our lack of furniture. Our severe, severe lack of furniture.

So, as I spend the next slightly less than 6 months filling my house, I want to take you through the process. There will be lots of things to do and lots to discuss over the next few months! I have a list of things I want to accomplish before Christmas, and linked are items/colors/accessories I love/hope to get (or something like it) for each room.

Living Room:
1. Mount TV (new TV?)
2. Couch
3. Rug
5. Media console

Library/Office/Random Space:
1. Wall unit with built in desk
3. Decor

Breakfast Area:

Dining Room:
5. Rug
6. Decor

Formal Sitting Room:
1. Chairs
3. Couch?
4. Rug
5. Coffee Table
5. Decor

Half Bathroom:
1. Accessories
2. Rug
3. Art/Decor

Guest Bedroom #1:
1. Paint
2. Bedroom set (queen size)
3. Decor

Guest Bedroom #2:
1. Paint
3. Mattress
4. Dresser
5. Decor
6. Desk (this will be my office)

Guest Bedroom #3:
1. Paint
2. Bedroom set (queen size)
3. Decor

Game Room:
1. Paint
5. TV
6. Decor

Upstairs Bathroom:
1. Paint cabinets (hardware)
2. Accessories

So, will you join me on my journey? I'm starting with the half-bath tonight and will be moving on from there!

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