Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Makeover: Hall Half-Bath

This is what our downstairs half-bathroom looked like before we moved in:

I hated how big of an area the vanity took up, knew I wanted a pedestal sink, and decided it needed to go before the painters got there to paint the room. And so it did. It took Matt and our friend Jason, and quite a few hours, but then it was gone. 

And it stayed gone. For 10 months. I have no photographic evidence of this because it was so terrible looking. We had a half bathroom, 1/4 of it with no flooring and no sink. For 10 whole months.

In March, we got our flooring done (I know I still need to post about that). And FINALLY! We had the pedestal base installed. Half a sink! YES. 

And there it sat unfinished. For another month until Matt's parents and grandparents were coming into town (the next day!). $70 and 30 minutes later we had a fully functioning sink. It was glorious.

Here is where we are:

MUCH better than having no sink and no flooring. However, it's been sitting like this for almost two months and I haven't done anything else to it yet. So I need to get my booty in gear!

Things yet to come with to this bathroom:

*New toilet paper/towel holder
*New rug
*Did I mention some decoration?

Any ideas for this bathroom and what to do? I welcome any and all ideas...

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