Monday, July 1, 2013

Won't you dine with me?

Before I get started tackling all the rooms (paint will be first!) I have been creating inspiration boards. Here is our dining room inspiration:

All pieces from Restoration Hardware

I love RH, but I don't love the prices. Instead of buying our dining room table, dining bench and sideboard through RH, we've contracted a local Austin woodworker to make the pieces for us. We are so excited to support a local Austinite and to not pay $7500(!!!!!!!!) for the three pieces.

We're so excited in fact that we've already been talking about Craig building us our coffee table and wall unit! Hooray!

We won't get the pieces in until August(ish), but that's okay because I have plenty of painting and other items to get done before then.

Have you ever hired someone local to build you furniture?

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