Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Bronzer and Highlighters

As you know, I love HACing (highlighting and contouring) which means I use some bronzer and shiny, shimmery highlighter. But, these can be hard to purchase if you don't know what you're looking for, what color you need or where to begin.

Bronzer: You want something matte, no shimmer whatsoever. You're trying to create a shadow, and shadows are not shimmery. If you are pale, like me, please, please, please do not buy a dark bronzer. The bronzer I use is made by Too Faced and is the Milk Chocolate Soleil Light/Medium Matte Bronzer. The downside is that it's $30.

If the thought of spending $30 on bronzer doesn't scare you, it's wonderful for light skin! They do have one for darker skin as well, it's the Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer.

If you can't imagine spending $30 on bronzer, here are some other options for you: 

As for highlighting, you do want to pick something with some shimmer. However, make sure that you choose the shimmer color that works best with your skin tone. I tend to stick with a gold shimmer, whereas someone with a cool skin tone can do silver based. The "go-to" highlighter is Nars Albatross, but at $29 it's quite the investment. 

My favorite highlighter is similar in color to Albatross, but definitely not in price. It's Sephora's Microsmooth Luminizer in Light Beam (gold based), but they also have Stardust (silver based). The best part is, it's $12!

If $12 is still too much for you to spend on highlighter, check out Etude House's Secret Beam Highlighter #2 Gold & Beige Mix at $6.88 it definitely doesn't break the bank. 

Etude House also has their Pink and White Mix which is great for cooler skin tones.

I hope this helps with your quest to find the perfect bronzer and highlighter! 

And don't forget to get a good brush. It's costly (totally worth it), but the Sephora #56 is amazing for both highlighting and contouring (just make sure you clean it in between!)

Happy Thursday, friends!

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