Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Emma Stone

Emma Stone may have been born a blonde, but lucky for her, she looks natural as a blonde, redhead or brunette. One of the things I love is how versatile her look is, and how well she tailors her makeup to her hair color. 

Here are some of my favorite makeup looks from Emma:

1. This look is so lovely and natural. The hint of pink on her lips and cheeks give just enough warmth. And her smile looks genuine (which always helps!)

2. Still natural, but with more going on with her eyes. I like the hint of copper/gold with her blue eyes.

3. First of all, her hair color is do dye for (see what I did there?)! The mauve color on her lips helps bring out both the green in her eyes, and compliments her hair color nicely. I like the simple eye makeup with liquid liner and highlighting on the inner corners.

4. Emma's smokey eyed look is great here and since her hair is dark, her eyes don't look gothic or dark. Notice how she used grey around her eyes instead of black since her skin is so fair. She used a nude lip color and a hint of peach on her cheeks.

5. Emma's dark lips are the highlight of this look. She keeps her eyes simple and bright and let's her lips do the talking. 

6. It looks like Emma has a little bit of mauve/violet on her eyelids here which really help her eyes pop. Again she used a natural pink lip color and peach blush. I love that she let her freckles show through!

Sidenote: Her hair always looks amazing.

Do you love Emma's look as much as I do?

Also, after my Skype date with Shawna Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to help more women feel great about themselves so I've come up with 2 options. 1) If you are in the Austin area, I would love to set up a time to look at your makeup collection, make suggestions of items that would work for your skin color/type and walk you through applying a versatile makeup look (or at least getting the basics). 2) If you are not in the Austin area, we could set up a time to Skype/Facetime as I walk you through doing your makeup. You would send pictures of your items beforehand, and again, I would suggest some items to you in your budget.

If you're interested, let me know!

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